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🏆2021 - CHAMPION - 2022🏆

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242-152 (62%)

+183.4 Units

DIME Players up +$183,400


😷🙏*** AUGUST 11th ***🙏😷

One 'UEL' 1*, on an overall 26-11 (70%) run !!





🤑February 20-4 +36.6 Units!🤑

🤑 June 34-18 +47.4 Units!🤑

NFL/CFB🏈 118-52 (70%)

SOCCER⚽️ 19-4 (83%)

NBA🏀 47-17 (73%)

NHL🏒 69-44 (62%)

5* 'GOY'⚽️🏈🏀🏒⚾️ 41-16 (72%)

 I'm on an overall 297-167  (64%) run!

The BEST Records and Biggest Profits in the Industry !!















    • Approaching 30 years as a 'Professional Sports Bettor'!
    • Trends expert, all selections backed with complete analysis!
    • 3 Straight years Top 5 'NFL World Series of Handicapping' Finalist!
    • The only 65% 'ELITE' Tier '100 Play Challenge' Qualifier (65W-35L)!
    • Money Management Consultant and Adviser (Included with any purchase)!
    • OLG Canadian Gaming Lottery Specialist, (Pro-Line/Point Spread & Pools, Winning Tickets as proof)!
    • Caters to High Rollers, players looking to take their gambling experience to the next level ($500+ players recommended)!
    • All packages *100% GUARANTEED*, never walk away without profit or get another package of equal value absolutely FREE!

  • NOTE: Plays are ranked as follows.. 1 Unit, 2 Unit *GOW*, 3 Unit **GOM** & 5 Unit ***GOY***

The Phenom's biography:

Approaching his 30th leading year of Bookie Domination!

Has decided to share his expertise and build his status as one of the
World’s Most Prolific Sports Bettors, Consultant and Adviser

Unlike most handicappers who are desperate for claim and regard The Sports Betting 'PHENOM' quietly stays under the ‘hype’ microscope concentrating on what’s most important to him Taking care of his clients and letting his Name and Results do the talking!

After establishing himself in the early 90’s as a new 'SHARP' on the scene To three decades later The Sports Betting 'PHENOM' has a new goal - A calling of sorts, to go global and share a platform with others looking to make a name for themselves!

A vision to create the ultimate 'DREAM TEAM' of handicappers unlike anything the Sports Betting Business has ever seen.

Tired of the constant Crap and BS in this business?
Sick and tired of spending your hard earned money on fake records and false promises?
Paying handicappers that couldn't hit a barn with a beach ball for winners, most of which are less than 50% long term?
Isn't it time someone stepped up to the plate, made the changes required and finally did things right?

The Sports Betting 'PHENOM' agree's and is looking to do something that's long overdue - Change the overall culture and outlook of what has been for the most part an utterly tarnished business with an even more dismal no end in sight.

In doing so providing a platform for some of the best handicappers in the world to qualify and create the most unparalleled prestigious 'DREAM TEAM' of all time!

This no non sense approach has gained him worldwide recognition, calls for podcasts, newspaper/magazine interviews and even radio/tv opportunities.
All of which he politely denies and asks them to give those opportunities to his team members.
The type of admiration and respect you don't hear about very often.

More importantly to him the positive feedback from his clients who all swear The Sorts Betting 'PHENOM' to be a God send when it comes to picking winners



Not only the best handicapper they have ever come across, but more impressively a true gentleman in the industry who’s only disregard in life is the bookie who dares take his bets!

Catering to the higher to highest of rollers The Sports Betting 'PHENOM's exclusive plays/packages are by far the best bargain in the business

All packages 100% GUARANTEED TO PROFIT


Every penny invested with him is one that will quickly be returned so that your playing with you man’s money sooner than later minimizing all further risk!
Imagine playing the rest of your life at 0% risk!

With certain intangibles that matter most success will follow as The Sports Betting 'PHENOM' continues to prove it in his mind blowing results.
Bottom line with The Sports Betting 'PHENOM' there is No BS and No Stories like you will hear from the rest, just real 100% GUARANTEED Documented Profits unlike anywhere else!


Give him 1% of your trust and he will earn the other 99%, so you too can ride the never ending money train to financial freedom.
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