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2019 Record 111-73 +70.79 units

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SportsBetOracle's biography:

My vision for you, me, and everyone who joins the handicapping industry is too make money long term. My goals reach far, as a capper for 2 years I’ve learned how to make money by picking certain spots were others failed to look. Ive always taught myself to work hard and succeed were others cannot. That's why I became a professional handicapper, to bring others success where some have failed I've thrived.

People have been with me since conception simply because I've taught and provided one thing. Stability. I give you winning plays and teach you how to become the best player you can be. We arent here to set you into financial freedom, BUT we are here to make it so you can buy your wife a ring, pay a morgage payment, go for a nice night in the city. As long as you treat this as an investment, with as youll be profitable long term.

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