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March free trial record

18-16 (-3.15) units 

Personal records since Aug 1st, 2019

100$ bettor is up 14,682$💵

1000$ bettor is up 146,820$💵

NFL 60-33-1 (+53.51) units

NHL 142-127-4- (+35.53)

Tennis 64-50-3 (+54.76)

NBA  68-52-1 (+28.52)

NCAAB 114-99-2 (+3.75)

NCAAF 36-36-1 (-14.89) 

MLB 70-72 (-14.36)


Long term winning results !

Puckline Papi's biography:

Hey everyone, and thanks for even CONSIDERING investing in me (Puckline Papi) as your go-to sports betting advisor.
I’m not going to sit here and rattle off a bunch of classic sports betting clichés, and all that mumbo-jumbo nonsense.

  • “I’m the best to ever do it”
  • “I’m more transparent then everyone else”
  • “I actually post my bet slips”

Let’s knock it off with that kind of crap. Below is what I CAN and WILL bring to the table as your sports betting advisor.

  • I am not looking to rob you blind. I work VERY HARD at my research, and that hard work should be compensated for, but in a reasonable manner. I am willing to listen to each client’s individual financial situation, and work something out that both parties are extremely happy with.
  • REALISTIC BETTING UNITS One of my biggest pet peeves amongst sports bettors is absurd betting unit scales. Bettors that are constantly posting “20 UNIT MAX BOMBS”, or “100 UNIT RETIREMENT BETS” are simply just trying to cover up being a losing sports handicapper. With me, it’s simple. I bet on a 1-5 unit betting scale (1 unit = 100$, or 1 unit = 1000$). I bet with the purpose of winning consistently, and winning long-term. We will NEVER be sitting around sweating a “50 UNIT MAX BOMB” with 80% of our bankroll on the line, it’s just not going to happen.
  • I am not a high volume bettor, and I think that translates well to this business. Let’s face it, most people that are paying for sports betting advice, do not have the bankroll or time to bet 14 picks a day. On days I release plays, I like to provide between 1-5 play cards, with the goal ALWAYS being to turn a profit on that card overall.
  • I provide detailed write-ups on all plays, I want you to feel as comfortable as I feel placing my wager, when you place yours.

Notable Streaks (As of Feb 26th, 2020)
NFL - I hit at a 64.5% clip this past NFL season, going 60-33-1 for +53.51 units! (100$ bettors made 5,351$, 1000$ bettors hauled in a whopping 53,510$!!!
Tennis – I am a career 56% tennis bettor, going 63-50-3 for +51.76 units! (100$ bettors are up 5,176$, while 1000$ bettors are up 51,760$!!!
NHL – The current NHL season is hitting at 53%, going 129-115-4 for +36.32 units! (100$ bettors are up 3,632$, 1000$ bettors are up 36,320$ and the season isn’t over!!!
NBA – The current NBA season is hitting at 58%, going 68-50-1 for +32.74 units! (100$ bettors are up 3,274$, 1000$ bettors are up 32,740$ and the season isn’t over!!!
Across all sports, since August 1st, 2019 I am hitting at a 54.5% clip, that’s good for +154.56 units!!!
100 $ bettors are up 15,456$ since August 1st, 2019
1000$ bettors are up are WHOPPING 154,560$ since August 1st, 2019

The proof is in the pudding guys, check me out on twitter @PucklinePapi and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


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