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Basket Case's biography:

Hello free trial members! My name is BASKET CASE, and thank you for signing up with me for this month long promotion sponsored by Sports Betting Phenoms (SBP).

I've been handicapping sports for the better part of three decades. My specialty is non USA foreign sports. In my 1st SBP 100 Play Challenge, I achieved a documented 71-29 ATS for 71%. Since the majority of those selections were from non USA foreign based sporting events, I agreed with SBP to participate in a 2nd SBP 100 Play Challenge focusing on USA sports. I was able to go 63-37 ATS for 63%. My mindset is that money can be made in markets from any part of the world. I realize that most of you prefer mainstream USA based sports, so I will do my best to provide you with solid selections from that market. I may release occasional international plays for rugby, soccer and tennis when warranted. I will release between 1 to 3 selections per day, each ranging in value from 1 unit to 5 units. I will be keep the same format I used in the SBP challenges. You'll get my selection(s) with the corresponding odds I get at the time I make the play. I primarily use 1XBET, Pinnacle Sports, Bet365. Please be aware I often buy points in many singles and parlays I make, so 1XBET is my preference.

If you're following me and wagering on my plays, you'll need access to those aforementioned books or ones comparable for line shopping and buying points. Results will be recapped daily with each subsequent release. I'm taking a no frills approach to this month long free trial promotion. This will likely be the most you'll see me write for the duration of our time together. It's best to let the selections speak for themselves.

Best of luck to all of us this month of March!

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